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Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket

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Payment Options
Before paying your ticket, please ensure:
  • the offense occurred on a County owned property OR
  • the offense occurred on a County owned road, for example Dufferin Road 8 (Mono Centre Road), Dufferin Road 18 (Airport Road)
  • if the offense did not occur on a County owned property or road, you may need to pay the Town or Township office. Contact the Dufferin County Clerk's department if you are unsure at 519-941-2816 ext. 2500
  • for further assistance, you can review The Traffic By-Law #2005-32

Before paying, ensure your parking ticket says “County of Dufferin” in the upper left corner. No other Town or Township will be listed here.

Include the ticket number found in the upper right corner on your payment or any correspondence about your ticket.

Pay the Early Payment amount if paying within 7 days of receiving the ticket. If paying after 7 days, pay the Set Fine.

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